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As guardian of the brand, most of you are continually at odds with shiny new ‘tricks’ and ‘old school’ sales and marketing principles from which to craft and publish social media shorts, and longer form content. Since the goal must always be converting publishing efforts into loyal customers, when it stops working or doesn’t track at all it should be clear you have a leak in the power of your communication.


Communication Breakdown 

In marketing, power is built and lost the same way. When product positioning, benefits, messaging and media placement align with consumers, sales sing. When one of these puzzle pieces is out of line, you quickly become inefficient or worse look for tricks to overcome the slack.  Like runners in a relay race, the smooth transfer of the baton aligns the runners to win. A breakdown in the baton exchange, can makes losers of the fastest individual runners.  

For relay runners, at least there are no tricks to cover the problem. 


Social Media/Content Are NOT Trickery

For powerful social media/content communication, the first step is to separate shiny and new, from sales marketing principles.  This point is even timelier as we see the meteoric rise in ‘fake news’, and click bait that plague social media. These sensational, shock value posts are ‘tricks’ to get people to go to politically charged websites or sell products that are here today, gone tomorrow. Unless you sell ad space based on click bait traffic, this is not a brand building strategy.

Even then, that model is under siege. 


Turn Social Media/Content Into Powerful Sales and Marketing

It’s actually very simple to understand what content will resonate with consumers. The key concept is that to make sales, you need to gain trust with your customers by answering principle buyer based questions.  Most of my career I’ve led the marketing department, but acted as the revenue team driver.  The revenue team consists of sales, marketing and product development personnel.  


All companies exist to sell products and services, so silos of personnel that do not collaborate on making products that meet the needs of the consumer, are doomed to fail.  As a marketer, you get the principle based buyer questions from your sales team (or revenue team/sales + PD + marketing). The answers to these overcome the objections necessary to make the sale.


To jump start the process look at the following list. 


The top 5 = Topics That Move Customers Into the Sales Cycle. 


Cost  – as in value for price paidhow many people in the sales department never get questioned about cost? None. The reason is when we are really serious about buying, money must be discussed. For content to work, you need a deep understanding of how potential customers see your competitors versus your product when evaluating the cost/value proposition. 


Problems and negatives — understanding your competitions strengths, and  your  product shortfalls (yes you have em) giveyou the ability to answer customer questions that earn your trust. No product is perfect, so content that speaks of why your product build is the best choice for ‘xyz’ allows you to gain trust, and sales. 


Yours vs Competitors — this is your unique product position (USP) in the marketplace. Tackling this one is a sure fire way to see whether you did your homework when creating your USP vs the market. 


The review based questions — look here for content that speaks of the good, bad, and the confusing regarding how your product works, why it’s better, what it’s not good for. Teach consumers how to use your product is the best way to start turning comments in reviews into consumer solutions. 


Best of questions — here’s where complimentary products or services that help your customers get better value from your product and become better buyers of other related goods wins mindshare. This could be the best time to take your product, the best way to travel with your product, the best products that compliment your product. 


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