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Albert Einstein famously stated; “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Realizing that Einstein was pretty bright, I’ve used this thinking to advise clients on a wide range of topics. These can be as diverse as coaching individuals through a physique transformation, to developing business strategies for many of your favorite sports nutrition, supplement and fitness companies. While many supplement firms are pleased with the results we achieve by simplifying their business, that advice often falls on deaf ears when it comes to product development. I feel this happens because it takes a lot more guts to build a product with fewer ingredients and in doses that work, than it does to put a laundry list of inadequate ingredients/doses together in hopes that consumers will think they’re getting something remarkable. In some cases, they’re right, but only until another company pulls the same stunt and steals the same unsuspecting customers, until the cycle repeats. The lesson is this; if you don’t have the patience to build a product that is your best work, you won’t be around long enough for it to matter anyway. The same is true for your own personal program, which means when you’re faced with choosing a nutrition/supplement product to enhance your own program, less is more. Think about it, if a company is trying to hide product effectiveness in a cloud of ingredients you’ve never heard of, do you trust them to help you build your body right?



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