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I believe the best compliment a fitness minded person can get is; Wow, you look great, what do you do? While it’s true that we live in a world of, “different strokes, for different folks”, I’d bet that adding some lean muscle (without more bodyfat) is a sure fire way to get that compliment. By adding “lifting weights” to your exercise plan helps, but a quicker means to more muscle is to use weights to train them. Your muscles that is. The difference is that simply getting stronger can increase your muscles, in size, tone or whatever you call it up to 50-percent and is limited by genetics. But, the primary reason those “physique minded” exercisers have muscles that look different is that they train them to store more energy. It’s the combination of enlarged muscle fibers, plus stored energy that makes their muscles look different. When you train to enhance your physique (click here), you increase the need to store the carbohydrates you eat (in muscle as glycogen), draw water into the muscle (making you look leaner) and increase the network of capillaries needed to power your workouts.

Now, if you want to improve your physique, shouldn’t you spend more time really working on it?


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