Greater impact, fewer resources.

That’s What We Do.

Stategic Business Development

We unlock your companies financial and human resources for growth by identifying the primary products and services that generate the greatest profit and cash flow.

Direct Customer Acquisition

We create marketing and communication strategies with tactics that produce authentic brand/consumer conversations. We convert impressions on social and paid media sites to engagement in your ecosystem.

Product Customer Connection

We create and test multiple marketing messages to align product benefits with the key psychographic traits of your target consumer. This analysis reveals the human connection that drives your brand commercially.

Digital Strategy & Tactics

We design and execute digital initiatives that drive structural change and tactical efforts. These objectives are viewed individually and collectively through the lens of sales, marketing and operations to support current and future business success. 

Brand Positioning & Design

We link unique positioning statements to the human connection driving your brand. Our work combines design excellence with merchandising best practices that maximize product placement and  accesibility. 

Competitive Analysis

Our work is rooted in rigorous competitive and trend analysis to reveal profitable markets. We combine qualitative and quantitative research methods to properly exploit emerging science, usage and purchasing patterns.

New Product Generation

Our strength is understanding the market to ensure new product development aligns with target customer needs. Our cross-functional skill includes marketing, manufacturing, and supply chain innovation for reliable results.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

We troubleshoot your company’s key business processes to identify inefficiencies that reduce profit, and prevent growth in an ever changing marketplace,

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Let’s Work Together

As the world changes faster, the connection between performance nutrition and fitness grows stronger.

How Can We Help?

Get A Fresh Perspective.

The day-to-day grind of running your business can make it impossible for you to make informed decisions relative to a wide range of market and operational challenges. Even the most skilled people working inside your company can make judgments or draw conclusions based on uncertain and incomplete information, or bias relative to previous statements or projections that may come under fire.

This is why collaborating with Andrich Fitness is different. As outsiders, we analyze your business through the eyes of the consumer.

Get Solutions Through Deep Insight.   

Your company is unique and personal, making it vitally important to gain greater insight of the business fundamentals that drive profit and growth.  That’s why we offer a free 45-minute consultation that allows us to discuss where you see problems, and how we troubleshoot to maximize profit generators and reduce inefficiencies for bankable results.  Our experience and reach in all facets of the dietary supplement and performance nutrition industry allows us offer plans for large and small brands, even referring you to other service providers that may be a better fit. 

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Just tell me a little about your situation


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