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If you’ve been fighting the urge to “ride” that lonely stability ball, otherwise known as the poster child of the functional training craze,  there’s still hope. I mean, there really is a legitimate reason for someone who simply wants to build their best physique, to use those shiny, colorful balls. First, if you haven’t used them to amplify the training effect for any bodypart other than your abdominals, you’ve been training with a lot of insight.


You see research has shown that the use of unstable surfaces in a muscle building program is generally a bad idea. Performing resistance

exercise on an unstable surface results in significant decreases in force output to the actual muscles you’re training. Less force output, means less muscle activation, and less development. For example, force output was 59.6% lower when performing a chest press on an unstable surface compared to a stable surface. The good news is, exercise on an unstable surface requires extensive activation of your core, or abdominal musculature. Therefore, it’s best to never do your regular weight-training exercises on a ball, or unstable surface, unless your goal is to target your abdominals.


Remember; for maximum abdominal development train them with 6-12 reps, for at least 4 work sets, like any other muscle group. For increased abdominal muscle activation try sit-ups, crunches, or leg lifts, on a stability ball.


Now, you finally have a reason to use your balls, congratulations, you’re part of the “in-crowd”.


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